"We don't know."

There have been so many terrifying and frightening aspects of having COVID-19, or just being alive during this time in history. For me, one of the hardest aspects has been how often I've heard the words, "We don't know."

I've heard "We don't know." from people who I normally trust or have some faith in - doctors, elected officials, government employees. I don't think any of these people are inherently ill-intentioned. Nonetheless, this pandemic has caused me to reconsider who and what expertise I trust. 

Here are a list of things that they don't know. You can add your own. For some reason, it helps me to write them down. Maybe you know!

They don't know:

    • if I am immune
    • when I'm truly no longer contagious
    • if I'm more susceptible to another strain of COVID
    • if I am at greater risk for influenza
    • if it's safe for me to donate plasma
    • if the hydroxichloriquine they gave me experimentally actually does anything.
    • if there are lasting effects of having had COVID-19

All this unknown makes me feel like it's never going to be safe for me to leave the house without putting myself or someone else at risk. When all of this is over, I fear that many's people's faith in government and healthcare will be damaged and this will hurt our communities and society. 

I guess I too "don't know."

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  • I love you, you are strong!

    Trista Glover-Olson

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