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I love to travel. I’ll pretty much do and go anywhere. Backcountry camping trip? Yes. Caribbean cruise. Yes. New Orleans via Amtrak. Yes. Volunteer at an elephant sanctuary? Definitely. My love for seeing the world is deep. 

When I was really sick with COVID-19, a loved one asked me the first place we’d go when I got better. After spending every waking minute thinking and talking and reading about the coronavirus, the question caught me off guard. At first, I thought “This is ridiculous. The future is so unknown. I can't even travel to the bathroom.” But I played along. 

The first thing that came to mind was going to Universal Studios. I went there a few years ago and it was one of the most fun times I had had in my adult life. I am kind of a hippie, outdoorsy type so it surprised me how much I enjoyed a trip to a theme park. While I’m down for any trip, this wasn’t one I would have chosen myself. Lines. Crowds. Bright lights. Screaming children. No thanks. But it was so fun! The rides. Feeling like a kid again. The sun. Walking around. Whimsy!

So while I’m in bed and miserable, I started to think about my next trip to Universal Studios. My loved one and I talked about where we’d stay and what rides we’d go on and how we’d get there and the best time of year to go. It was something joyful for me to think about. I even told the overnight nurse, Wayne, about my trip (to which he agreed that it is a truly fun time). When I started going to a dark place, I would start walking through Universal Studios in my mind and imagine what it would be like to go there again.

Having something to joyful to think about helped get me through and gave me respite from the anxiety.

Think about what your loved one really loves. See if you can find a way to help them think about that and give them something to plan for and look forward to in the future. Take a 10-minute break from COVID talk. If you’re the one with COVID, share this post with them. Build a dream together.

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