Seven Weeks

From my Facebook post, many people have reached out to me to talk about their own experiences with COVID-19. Honestly, I"ve been a bit overwhelmed by all of the details and attention. But, I've seen some trends emerge - the most common being that it's taking seven weeks from the start of symptoms to people feeling like themselves again. Seven weeks!

For me, that date is May 3. Between isolation and recovery and social distancing, May 3 feels like a long time away. I'm so happy to be alive, but I also miss myself. I feel physically and mentally slow. My chest still hurts and I just feel off. I also think about all the things I could do in 7 weeks in a non-COVID world and I grieve the missed experiences. I could take a class, learn a new skill, train for a marathon (by why would you?), etc. Instead, it's taking everything I have just to get this basic website up. 

I'm trying to decide if May 3 is going to be a "Screw You, COVID" party where I play "Dancing With Myself" by Billy Idol on repeat - or if May 3 will be a "Welcome Back To Yourself, Danielle!" party where I, well, basically do the same thing. That being said, no one knows for sure the longer-term effects of COVID and the fear is still there. I think I'll go with the first "party" idea.

For those who have "fully recovered" - were you on the seven-week timelines?


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  • This message makes me feel so much better about the fact that I’m still not myself and it’s been 4 weeks. Thank you for sharing!


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