Recovery Update

I posted the following update on my Facebook page to show how I am recovering. 

I wanted to give everyone an update. Your support has been incredible. It has been a joy to hear from so many friends - old and new. I appreciate the positive energy you're sending my way and I'm grateful you've been connecting with my story. I am particularly grateful for those of you who have shared your own journey with this virus. Your stories make me feel hopeful and a little less alone. For those who have shared stories of those you've lost due to the virus, I grieve with you.

Since I wrote this post on Thursday, not much has changed for me. It’s been a week now since I was discharged from the hospital. I can still feel that things aren't right with my lungs, though I'm not coughing as much and I'm not as winded. I take naps. I try to work. I read for a little bit. I try to reply to your direct messages. I make myself food. Like so many of you have shared, it is a frustratingly slow process. I noticed there were a few common questions people were asking in the comments.
-I've never smoked or vaped
-I don't know how I contracted the virus
-The chest pain I was feeling occurred for several days before I got a fever. It was a more sharp pain on the left side that went up into my shoulder.
-I did receive antibiotics and two doses of hydroxichloriquine

Thank you for all you're doing to protect one another and yourselves. We really are #strongertogether.


  • I am on my second week home, on oxygen, got ct scan of lungs. Covid left extensive damage to my lungs. Recovering and hoping damage is repairable and that I won’t always need oxygen. 🙏 frustrating and scary still.

  • I can’t believe the struggle you had to endure,so glad for your steady improvement.

    Tom Burns

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