Praying For You

I have had more than 5,000 people tell me that they are praying for me. I see each of them pop up on my Facebook notifications. Common courtesy would dictate that I recognize the sentiment and reply. The reality is that I have struggled to keep up with the comments while keeping my job and caring for myself. Nonetheless, whenever I get the ping of a message, I think, “I pray for you, too.”

Recovering from COVID has made me think a lot about death, of course. But this pandemic has made me think even more about life. If I spend too much time reading the news headlines, I start to despair. The many prayers and outreach I’ve received give me hope. They remind me that our humanity has not diminished. And still - the opportunities are endless to do even better by each other. If I may, what I mean to say is...

I pray for you, too. I pray that tomorrow you will have less suffering. I pray that when you see death, you are not afraid, as I was. I pray that tomorrow your day is brighter. I pray that even on your darkest day, you remember that you are not alone. I pray that this pandemic brings you closer to your god and your truth. I also pray that we remain humble during our moments of great self-righteousness. I pray that at the heart of our outrage is love. I pray that at the heart of our apathy is fear, faintly covering up love. I pray that we see this pandemic for the opportunity that it is - the chance to be our better selves and create better communities. I pray that our best ideas emerge now and that they are wrought of our collective prayers for health and recovery. I pray that within our differences there is a kernel of truth on which we can all agree. I pray that when all of this is over, we can look each other in the eye, shake hands and get on with the business of building something stronger together. Because you deserve it. 

I pray for you. I pray for us.

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