On Friday, I was officially "released from isolation" by the City of West Allis Health Department. This means I am allowed to walk around the block and go to the grocery store without breaking my contract. Yesterday, the New York Times posted an article about those who are now immune (like me?) and wondering how to be in this world.

I feel like I should be happy about all of this, but I mostly just feel anxious. I don't totally trust that I'm not contagious though the Health Department and my doctor say I'm not. I'm hesitant because these are the same people who say "We don't know." to 75% of the questions I ask. How do they really know I'm safe if they won't allow me to be retested? There has been a lot of mixed communications about immunity. Are they sure I'm immune?

Either way, I'm cautious. To celebrate being out of isolation, I went to a nearby park and walked through the woods. The people there were spread out and anytime anyone got within a football field of me, I worked to avoid them. I should have enjoyed the walk. In some ways, I did; It was lovely to be outside. It was nice to stretch my legs (forget that the slight incline of terrain had me winded). However, when it was over, I was relieved to get out of there and home to the relative safety of my yard. 

Even though I was "released from isolation," I still feel isolated. I wonder how long this feeling will last? 

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