One of the great outcomes of this pandemic in the United States is the many humans who have stepped up to adopt and foster pets. 

Having COVID-19 has been difficult for a host of reasons. One of them is that it feels like everyone is so afraid of me - doctors, nurses, family. Because of all that is unknown about the Coronavirus and because of how contagious it is, I understand the fear. Nonetheless, it has felt extremely isolating to be the "diseased" one.

There is an exception. When I returned home from the hospital, my dogs greeted me with tails wagging, like always. Bruno, in particular, has really stepped up his companionship game. He sleeps on me most of the day and is right next to the bed when I sleep and rest. It has been so comforting to pet him and feel his warmth and know he's not afraid of me.

Cheers to our furry friends who never judge us!

Send your recovery companion pet photos my way at Once I get a few, I'll add them to a gallery for all to enjoy.

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