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So many people have been asking me what I've been doing during my recovery. I have to be honest and say, "Not Much." However, this virus has brought something new to my life - art therapy

When I wrote my post about having COVID-19, so many people reached out to me - family, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers. A person I knew from college reached out to me and offered her services as an art therapist. I accepted. What a wonderful gift to offer!

Our sessions are over Zoom (like most every appointment these days). I dug out some colored pencils and paper. I took the appointment in bed. I cried for most of it. Tears stained my drawings. Afterward, I slept for the rest of the day because I was so emotionally exhausted. 

The sessions have changed over time. In addition to drawing, I've painted, danced, and was even instructed to scream at the top of my lungs (my favorite session!). One time, I made a thank you card for Bruno like I was my 5-year-old self all over again. Yes, it was silly. But the process reminded me of how grateful I am for all that I have.

These sessions have been freeing. Not only am I discovering new tools to help with anxiety, but she also reminds me to keep my feet on the ground and breathe, which sometimes I forget on my own. In fact, in a roundabout way, art therapy sessions are what prompted me to start this blog. Writing is giving me the outlet I need to alleviate my own stress and loneliness and, in turn, recover.

Side note - you don't have to be "good" at art to have art therapy be helpful. I still feel a little funny about the whole thing because my drawings look like a kindergartner did them. When I can let that self-criticism go though, I get so much more out of it. 

How are you dealing with stress during recovery?


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  • I love your note on being ‘good’ at art. I led art and craft sessions at a local assisted living for 11 years. Each painting or expression of emotion on paper were very unique to the individual. While painting the same theme each was totally different and beautiful. One of the ladies came to class for the first time and stated "I feel like I am back in first grade again, which kind of threw me, and I replied, “Yes and if you do a good job you will move into second grade”. The others, who knew how challenging it could be, then laughed with her and I. Keep up the good work.

    Carolyn Buyer

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