Surviving COVID-19

  • Praying For You

    I am grateful for the many prayers I have received. I pray for you, too.
  • Giving Plasma

    Giving plasma is a win-win-win.
  • Art Therapy

    Art therapy is one tactic I am using to recover emotionally from COVID-19.
  • Support Idea 2

    Daydreaming helped get me through the darkest moments of having COVID-19.
  • Support

    You can support your loved one with COVID-19 from afar. But first, check yourself.
  • Like a Zoo Animal

    Being in a hospital with COVID-19 feels like being a zoo animal.
  • A Virus By Another Name

    Overcoming COVID-19 was the first challenge. Paying for it is the next.
  • Isolation

    On Friday, I was "released from isolation." It doesn't feel like it.
  • Dying Alone

    There are so many reasons to expedite this pandemic. This is one of mine.
  • Seven Weeks

    Recovered folks are sharing that it took seven weeks to start feeling like themselves.
  • My COVID-19 Story

    Read my story about COVID-19. Then share yours!
  • Bruno

    Cheers to our furry friends who love us even when we're "diseased."